Who’s muddying the election year waters?

To the editor:

Although I agree with Wendy Gribben to a point — “government for the people” and “every vote is important” — I do believe we still have a big decision to make this election year.

“Vote your conscience.”

Now for the real problem. Mr. Watters is so quick to blame all these murders, yes, senseless murders, on our elected Democratic officials that he fails to look at who voted for the gun laws that are now in place.

It is a Republican House and a Republican Senate that voted for the law that allows anyone and their crazy friends and family to have a gun. If a more restrictive law for gun ownership was in place, maybe there would not be so many crazies out there with big war type weapons.

You don’t need these kinds of weapons for any kind of hunting that I am aware of, except hunting down and killing innocent people.

Yes, Mr. Watters, you need to check out who voted for these present laws.

To my knowledge, the only one listed in your letter that is in a position to vote on any gun law is Tammy Baldwin. So how is it you think that any of those you mentioned are at fault for Dallas or Florida, or any of these mass shootings?

Why is it that when Republicans are supporting a candidate such as Donald Trump, they have no other platform than to blame the present Democrats for every ill of our nation, such as gun control, abortion, big government, taxing and spending? All are ploys to divert the voters’ attention from things that really matter, such as decent jobs and wages or the pursuit of happiness, just to name a few.

Gee, I am inclined to think that you are just one more trying to muddy the waters in a very important election year.

Leone Schneidewend,

A proud Democrat,


Source: The Shawano Leader

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