Shawano Dems Update 10/29/2020

To those of you new our email list and those of you who aren’t used to getting more frequent emails than would normally occur, remember that it is an important time to be informed.  The next few months are quite  unpredictable.  It may be necessary to  stand up to do what we can to protect our democracy.   Please stick with us as navigate what lies ahead. 


We have lots of free Biden signs left.  Show your support in the last few days by picking up several signs to fill up your yard.  We also have cardstock signs for those without a yard.  

On Wednesday, November 4th we will be collecting your yard sign wires at the office.  Please throw away the sign but leave the wires outside our office before 6:00 pm.  If you can’t make it by 6, please store your wires until the next election.

All larger signs that we placed in your yard will be picked up sometime next week.

Tomorrow, October 30th is the last day to early vote.  If you still have an absentee ballot in your possession, do NOT mail it.  Return it to your municipal clerk by 8:00 pm on November 3rd.  Those living in the City of Shawano or Town of Wescott can use the drop boxes 24/7.  You can check if your ballot was received by going to 
All flags and banners will be available through Saturday at a reduced price. Flags are $6 and banners are $10.
We are still in need of volunteers through election day.  Get Out the Vote Lit drops on doorsteps take an hour or so.  Having a driver is helpful.  Get Out the Vote phone calls are being made to Democrats asking them how they plan to vote.  Let us know if you can help in any way.  Stop in the office or call Carrie at 715-584-8249.  We need you.
If you ordered any of these items, please stop by to pick them up:
–Donkey stickers
–Stickers that say “I’m paying more tax than Trump”
–A set of RBG masksThanks to all of you for your support throughout this election cycle.  May we have the outcome we are longing for.
The Shawano Dems

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