Seven Candidates File to Run for State Schools Superintendent

Court of Appeals Candidates

3rd Court of Appeals


At Large:  (5 candidates but some have also put their name in Area 1 or 4)

*Robin Raber Bergeron:  “I am a licensed clinical social worker, and a clinical substance abuse counselor, who works in private practice in Shawano, with children, adults, and families, and I want to help head Shawano Schools in a good direction.  I have two daughters, one is grown and in graduate school, and one is in high school in Shawano.  We moved here 4 years ago, from Milwaukee, so we are relatively new to the area, but I have always been involved in the PTA/PTO groups in their schools, and continue to volunteer my time as needed.

The only promotion that I am doing is through these e mails.  Every vote will count in this highly contested election.

I am especially interested in bringing a fresh perspective to the board, and working together to keep our children and community healthy and adjusted during these difficult times, while getting the best education possible, which allows for equity and inclusion, and honors and respects diversity.”

Charles Dallas

James Davel

Sam Sousek

Stephanie Bendtschneider

(Anyone in the Shawano School District can vote for these candidates.)

Area 1:

Charles Dallas

James Davel

Sam Sousek

Area 4:

Stephanie Bendtschneider

Jamie Beyer

Jeana Wnslow


District 1:

*Maureen (Muffy) Culhane:  Pharmacist at ThedaCare, board president for Sam25, and on board for Red River Riders

*Daniel Poels:  Insurance agent for Humana with 12 years of experience in the Medicare industry, volunteer for Shawano Pathways, volunteer driver with SHHS to bring people to their doctor’s visits, and coach for youth bowling.

 Bob Kurkiewicz

 Brad Keuschel

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