Only 9 Days Left!

With only nine days before the polls close I want to stress the importance of this election.  It’s not just a race between Democrats and Republicans this time.  It’s an election which will determine the direction of our country for the next four years and beyond.

We’ve all sensed the division around us.  Some of us have been afraid to put a Biden sign in our yard or a banner on our house.  Some of us no longer talk to people we used to call friends.  Some of us can’t sleep at night because we are worried about the outcome of this election.  All of us can’t wait for this nightmare to be over.  We want a country that values sharing, decency and compassion for others.

Each of us can do something in the next few days to make sure we restore our homeland to the country we remember.  If you haven’t picked up yard signs, come and get them.  If you have a flag pole, come and get a flag.  If you have friends who are still undecided about who to vote for or have never voted, reach out to them and tell them what is at stake if we don’t elect a new president and other Democrats.

The time may be short but if we each do something our enthusiasm will bring us the election results we can celebrate.

Stay safe,
Jan Koch,
Shawano County Chair

Carrie, our office manager, wishes to thank the individual who sent her the RBG mask. 🙂

The Voter Protection Hot Line is 608-336-3232.  Call it if you have a question or see something suspicious at the polls.  All hands are on deck to make sure we have a fair election.


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