LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: “What does Walker stand for? “

I wonder what it is that the Scott Walker for Governor supporters believe that they are ‘standing with’. I suppose they believe that the Walker and Republicans in the state house believe that they really solved the core of the state financial dilemma by hard negotiations with the teachers union. I assert that they misled the public about who we need to compete with. Walker and the Republicans allies are competing with “we the People” and cooperating with the Takers of our wealth. Walker and his supporters are “standing on” false beliefs.

All Wisconsin Governors are obligated by state law to balance the budget. Walker did not fix that. Walker’s budget has borrowed money to create a structural deficit. Walker gave away the natural resources of this state to the mining company that contributed $700,000 to his campaign war chest. We the people of Wisconsin will see nothing from the “taking” of our natural resources.

At the same time Walker was caught on tape to say that his strategy was to, “divide and conquer” the unions. These union members are our parents, our children, our brothers and sisters, our family that do the extremely important, and difficult job of preparing our children for the future and our public service needs.

Sorry Scott, but you and your followers are not standing on solid ground.

John E. Durben

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