Letter to the Editor

Right now, a person in Wisconsin working 40 hours a week and making minimum wage earns $15,080 a year. That’s only slightly above the federal poverty line.
It’s a struggle for a single person to get by on the current minimum wage. If you add children into the mix, it becomes nearly impossible for a family to make ends meet.

Wisconsinites are no strangers to hard work, but it is time to make sure they are fairly compensated for that hard work. That’s why Senator Tammy Baldwin supports legislation with Senators Patty Murray and Bernie Sanders to raise the minimum wage to $15.

Americans working day-in and day-out should be able to earn enough to provide for their families, give their children more opportunities, and save for retirement.

The federal minimum wage hasn’t been raised since 2009, but the cost of living has continued to rise.  As a result, working-class families have been left behind.

President Trump claims to empathize with American workers, but his policies and actions betray them. His priority is cutting taxes for a wealthy few, not raising the minimum wage and helping up to 41 million Americans.

Baldwin has traveled all around Wisconsin. listening to families talk about how they struggle to get by no matter how hard they work.  The choice to support this legislation was easy.  Over the next several years, Wisconsin needs to increase the minimum wage and give Wisconsin workers a fair shot.

Call Tammy Baldwin and let her know you too want to see an increase in the Minimum Wage.  Or you can use the website below to ad your name to the petition. https://www.tammybaldwin.com/landing/e170503w/

​Ed Johnson

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