Gov. Evers’ leadership in the face of the SCOWIS Decision

The fallout from the Supreme Court decision last week that overturned Governor Evers’ Safer at Home order has been predictably chaotic. Because of the decision, Gov. Evers can’t put rules in place without sign-off from Republicans in the legislature, and the GOP announced that they don’t want any new rules— so now, individual counties and municipalities are being forced to put rules in place, creating a hectic patchwork of regulations in a time when clear guidance is vital. On top of all of that conservatives have threatened to sue local officials, too.
In the face of this obstruction, Evers is still taking decisive action using the powers available to him.

He has announced a $1 billion statewide effort to support testing, contact tracing, supplies, and resources for local communities through the CARES Act. Evers has also announced the Farm Support Program and Food Security Initiative to put food on Wisconsinites’ tables and financially support Wisconsin farmers who are so essential to the state. The GOP has proven that they don’t care enough about working people to work with the governor, so thankfully Governor Evers is continuing to lead despite their political games.

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