Democrats can reverse state’s backward direction

To the editor:

It’s happened again, just like last campaign season. Vandals tried to tip over a Democratic sign on Lake Drive. When they failed, they got a red marker and crossed out the word “forward” on the sign and wrote “backward.” Actually, Democrats want this to happen.

Our state will have to go backward to go forward.

The Wisconsin Legislature has sent us “backward” when it comes to public school funding, transparency in government, and enforcement of regulations to preserve our natural resources, and in protection of our fresh water supply.

Wisconsin once had the reputation for having a quality university and public school system. Republicans have slashed more than a billion dollars from our public schools since Walker took office. They’ve cut spending on our university and technical colleges system by another billion dollars. Walker’s been working the state toward mediocrity.

Wisconsin used to have the nation’s only nonpartisan board, which would hold lawmakers accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, June 30 was the last day of the GAB (Government Accountability Board) due to the Republican Assemblymen and Senators voting for its demise.

Wisconsin was once seen as a leader in preserving our lakes, streams and drinking water. Because of decisions made by the Republican-controlled Legislature, we are unable to restore and maintain the quality of our water. Our public water systems have seen toxic discharges in surface water and a lack of enforcement of environmental laws and safeguards. This affects public health, recreation and property values.

By electing new leadership in Madison, we can move forward once again.

We need John Powers in the state Senate and William Switalla in the Assembly in order to move Wisconsin and Shawano County in the right direction.

Vandals cannot stop true Wisconsin citizens in their determination to make Wisconsin the kind of place where public school funding is restored, governmental accountability is returned, and the environment is preserved.

Jan Koch,


Source: The Shawano Leader

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