Wed., January 29th
6:00 pm
Shawano Civic Center

The most effective way to communicate with fellow voters is to speak with them face-to-face.  Knocking on a stranger’s door may take courage but it can be easier (and even fun!) when you have had some training and some practice.

Nick Morgan will be giving some pointers that will help you to feel more comfortable as you canvas.  You will meet others who can canvas with you.

The 2020 elections will require lots of “boots on the ground” for Democrats to be successful. If you have felt a little shy about canvassing but have wanted to do your part to elect progressives, now is the time to get involved.

The first Day of Action is February 8th (60 days from the April 7 spring election).  If you can’t make it at that time, there will be other opportunities to talk to voters.

Please come and bring a friend! 
Refreshments will be available.

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