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Biden’s Accomplishments

President Biden’s policies reach people who rely on maintaining programs for
their health and well being. His administration has succeeded in greatly
lowering prescription drug prices and protecting social security and
Medicare/Medicaid. He supports family needs like child care coverage, lower
insurance costs, women’s rights and student debt. Economically he has
successfully attained fair wages and has opened the door for more business
and employment. He has consistently proved to care for all Americans.

President Biden fights to maintain democracy at home and abroad standing up
to authoritarian leadership which suppresses the rights of their citizens. He
continues to work across the aisle to secure appropriate gun safety laws.
Community infrastructure has been improved by repairing roads/bridges,
removing lead pipes, protecting clean air/water, and addressing climate change
by expanding alternative sources of energy, He has consistently proved
concern for the safety of all Americans.

President Biden is acting to make life better for the average American. He has
supported union rights to create economic security for workers and their
families. Biden has expanded access to clean energy as in solar use, which
lowers costs for rural families. Expanded internet gives people better access to
lower cost health services and telehealth. This also improves marketing and
educational opportunities for working families. Biden is addressing high prices
by going after corporation’s price gouging. Whether we identify as liberals or
conservatives, we can all support Biden’s efforts to treat all Americans fairly.

President Biden lifts up hardworking Americans who are bringing us back
from the pandemic. The U.S. economy is rebounding more quickly than
any other country. The unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9%. He has
created policies that have led to better paying jobs. Bidenomics is working;
reducing inflation and lowering health/childcare and gas prices. Some
prices continue to be high but Biden has stood up to corporate greed.
Biden is committed to keep all of us moving forward—leaving no one

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