Benefits to being a member of the Democratic Party of Shawano County;

Staying informed. Be among the first to hear about local, state, and national issues affecting Democrats.
Joining the community  – being a member instantly adds you to a community of like-minded individuals, giving you many opportunities to connect to help improve our lives.
We are stronger together! Getting involved – make a difference in your community through volunteering, organizing, and voicing your opinions. We provide access to training and other avenues to help make your voice be heard.
Turning Wisconsin blue – members care about electing Democrats at all levels, in all corners of the state.  Show your support for Wisconsin’s democratic candidates up and down the ticket.
–Membership in the state party automatically makes you a member of your county party.
Joining a Caucus – caucuses represent the rich diversity of our members. They bring people together around issues that face each of these groups.Becoming a member is so easy!  Go to and join today!
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