Letter to the Editor

This is the current letter to the Editor which was distributed to the local area media by the Shawano County Democrats.

Have Some Faith in Our Leaders

Throughout history presidents have always been blamed for problems with the United States economy. Now is no exception.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we stayed home more and didn’t use as much gasoline. Now people are driving more so demand for gasoline has increased. Add to that the shortages because of the war in Ukraine and you get higher prices. To blame President Biden is not fair.

Exon Mobil, Chevron, Shell and BP have added to the problem. In the last quarter they limited supply and racked in $25 billion in profits, which is the highest income level in 7 years. Maybe they should help to stabilize prices.

Also happening with the COVID-19 outbreak was the interruption of goods production. Many workers got sick and missed work. This happened just as we were buying more products for home thus putting a strain on the worldwide supply chain.

Certain corporations have made the situation worse. Starbucks’s profits soared 352%. In 2021 Netflix doubled profits and UPS had a record-breaking year. Amazon made $35 billion and McDonald’s had $23 billion in revenues. Corporate profit margins are now at a 70-year high. They have profited at our expense.

All this corporate greed has led to increased prices. Consumers have found themselves having less purchasing power even though wages are on the rise. This dilemma is called “inflation”, a word Republicans have been using as they blame President Biden for consumer price hikes.

What is being ignored are the indicators that show the economy actually slowly rebounding from the effects of the pandemic. The national economy is seen as growing at 4%, a rate not seen since the Reagan administration. 6.6 million new jobs have been created in 2021. As hiring increases, President Biden is on track to have unemployment rates like the 1950’s.

Even Wisconsin is making progress. The unemployment rate is 2.8%, the lowest in Wisconsin’s history. Governor’s Evers’ investments in small businesses has paid off.

Our state has accumulated a projected budget surplus of historic proportions. His plan is to return a portion of the money to working families to help them fight rising costs.

We need to stop pointing fingers and have patience as cope with the higher prices. The price of gas, groceries and goods will come down when supplies stabilize. Have some faith in our leaders.

Fair Maps Rally

Thank you for being a Fair Maps supporter and attending the Lobby Day activity. Here is another chance for you to support Fair Maps for Wisconsin. A rally is planned for Friday, January 21st at 2:30at the Brown County Court House. Masks are strongly recommended as are hand held signs supporting Fair Maps!

We hope to see you at the rally! Feel free to spread the word!



We haven’t had such division in our country since Wisconsin’s United States Senator Joseph McCarthy made false accusations of treason among left-wing individuals in the 1950’s.  His campaign spread fear of alleged communist and socialist influence on American institutions and espionage by Soviet Agents.  He lost credibility after several of his accusations were found to be false.

Unfortunately, history is repeating itself.  Now we have the “Big Lie” which alleges Donald Trump won the 2020 election due to voter fraud.  At this time there has been no evidence that points to illegal votes as the reason Trump lost.  The movement has, however, caused our county to be more and more divided as time goes on.

McCarthy was not the only Wisconsinite to divide our state.  Former Governor Walker used his “divide and conquer” strategy when it came to the state’s budgeting process.   He pitted public employee unions against those who wished to take down organized labor.  In reality it was less about budget-cutting and more about his personal campaign to weaken worker’s power.

FOX News has only fueled the divide in our country.  If you tune in (which I do only occasionally), you will hear daily rhetoric about how bad President Biden’s policies are and how the Democrats are destroying our country.

 If you go off FOX News (which I would recommend) and listen to other cable stations such as CNBC you will get less opinions and more “hard news”.  By tuning into “The News with Shepard Smith” at 6:00 pm you will get a non-political leaning on the true news.  By the way, Shep used to be a host on FOX but left because he didn’t like how they were using a false premise (disinformation about election fraud) to lead people astray.  He could see how this behavior was spreading seeds of division and thus doing harm to us as a nation. He couldn’t take it anymore.  He sleeps well at night knowing that his broadcasting of the news gives people the truth.

Keep in mind that division has been used as a path to power worldwide for centuries.  This holiday season should be the start of our effort to put aside politics and love our neighbor as ourselves as the Second Commandment suggests.  We can each be the catalyst which makes the world a better place for all.



  On Sept. 28, the Wisconsin Assembly decided to gag teachers and hog-tie school districts by voting to prohibit schools from full discussions about racism and sexism.  Wrong?  Absolutely.
Assembly Bill 411 is an effort to put a lid on our schools to having students grapple with racism and sexism which are so much a part of our history and our society. 
  Discussions involving Critical Race Theory has only been taught in colleges. Children are not being taught the complex theories of CRT in our Wisconsin schools or those in Virginia (even though their Republican for governor lied when he said they were).
  We as adults need to be educated about Critical Race Theory.  Everyone has a race.  Racism is the fact that ‘White’ means ‘normal’ and that anything else is “less than” different. The first step towards combating structural racism is acknowledging its existence.
  For Caucasian people, talking about race may be uncomfortable.  Discussions of race in America may center around the protection of White feelings.  It is okay to admit there are times when the United States has not been fair. 
  Don’t believe that our country needs a strong leader who will protect our children from having to deal with racism.  Banning certain books and articles will only make our children narrow minded in their thinking.  When a government has dictatorial power it can only lead to Fascism.
Social change requires making some noise. As with Black Lives Matter, activists are going to hold all influencers — allies or otherwise – accountable.  White people have to accept that anger is a natural response to being systematically oppressed.  It can be an effective tool. 
  Societies do not, overnight, completely erase everything that happened 200 to 300 years prior or even 500 years ago in the case of our Native Americans.   Racism is everywhere.  People of color experience Frustration and Anger.  They are Silenced, Talked Over, and Ignored.  Every one of these emotions are felt painfully every single day by racial minority groups in our country.
  It’s up to all of us to continue the conversation by listening and empathizing. This includes discussion with our children and allowing our schools to teach accurate American history.  Be a part of the solution by changing perceptions for the betterment of ‘us’ all.

Edward Johnson



   Are you unhappy with your school board, county board or municipal board member?  Then now is the time to get involved and run for office.  At this time in our political environment, we need people who will govern with our best interests in mind. Decisions that are made locally can affect us all.  To mask or not mask our children in school has exposed school board members who are not on the side of science.  Elected officials may also have to weigh in on what is taught in our schools in regard to diversity and inequality.

Help in running a campaign is available through the State Democratic Party.  The Shawano Dems are also eager to help.  Let us know if you are considering a candidacy.  Signatures can be collected beginning December 1st and must be in to the County Clerk’s office by January 2nd.


The Shawano Dems’ meetings will continue to be in-person with the speakers on Zoom.  At the Shawano Dems ‘October 20th meeting Dr. Darrel Williams will be explaining why he is running for U.S. Senate.  Darrel has been in the military for 28 years.  He has been an educator, principal and school superintendent.  He is Administrator of Wisconsin Energy Management. You can view his video on You Tube.

Also on Zoom will be Aaron Richardson, candidate for State Treasurer.  He is the current mayor of Fitchburg (aaronforwi.com)

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes will Zoom in at our November 17th meeting (mandelabarnes.com).  His video will be emailed out for those who can’t attend.

All meetings will begin at 7:00 pm at the Civic Center.  Zoom links will be sent out a few days ahead of the meetings.


The weekend of November 6-7 will mark one year out to the midterms.  It is imperative that we re-elect Governor Evers and defeat Ron Johnson.  Our work to engage in conversations with voters continues.  We will be contacting infrequent Democratic voters through phone calls and canvassing.  Consider helping us to spread the word that Democrats care about them and will deliver for them.  Training will be provided.  Contact us to help.

Rather than have a Christmas Party this year, the Shawano Dems will be giving of ourselves in the community.  On December 2nd will be taking a meal to SAM 25.  Please consider helping us.


Our democracy is under attack from the right.  There are efforts to make it more difficult for citizens to vote.  At the same time that authoritarianism seems to be acceptable to Republicans, Democrats are called Marxists or even Communists just because they fight for social programs.  We can have the human infrastructure that is a part of President Biden’s plan.  Social programs like pre-school for all children, fast universal internet and free post-secondary education are possible while still maintaining our freedoms.


Oct. 14, Nov. 11, Dec. 9:   Listen to WTCH’s Breakfast Club from 8:00-9:00 am on 960 AM & 96.1 FM.

Oct. 20; Shawano Dems 7:00 pm meeting at the Civic Center and on Zoom with Dr. Darrel Williams and Aaron Richardson.

Nov. 5-6:  Weekend of Action—one year out!

Nov. 17:  Shawano Dems 7:00 pm meeting at the Civic Center and on Zoom with Lieutenant Governor Mandella Barnes

Dec. 2:  Providing a dinner at SAM 25

Chair’s Comments

A big thank you to all who attended our Fall Fundraising Dinner and those who donated to the local party.  The funds will enable us to afford an office as we approach the midterm elections in 2022.  We also want to educate listeners to our Democratic values through radio ads on WTCH.  Go to wisdems.org/membership to join the state and local party or contact us for a form.
   VOTE411.org is a platform that will give accurate data on candidate’s views so voters can make good choices when they go to vote.  As we approach the next elections, combat conspiracy theories by sharing the truth with others.

Nelson Visits Shawano in 72 County Quest

Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson has pledged to visit all 72 Wisconsin Counties as part of his quest to unseat the current Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson in next year’s election. Shawano County was the first visit on his list as he met local voters at Angie’s Main Café in Shawano recently.  Area residents were provided an opportunity to get their questions answered by the Senate Candidate. (Nelson is slated to be one of the scheduled speakers at the Shawano County Democrats Fall Fundraiser at the Shawano Lake Golf Course on October 2, 2021.)